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I just received my Brackets and I am extremely pleased!!!! The quality and craftsmanship are superb and I love the bronze finish.  Thank you for your prompt service. Connie B.,Chattanooga,Tn

The brackes have arrived and they are gorgeous. We will recommend your site to our granite fabricator. Thanks again for the great service.  David S. H.,Tn 

The quality, workmanship, customer service and expediency you provided made me feel more like an immediate family member than a customer.  The design modifications were absolutely perfect!   If the standard for excellence in all aspects of this transaction is ten stars, Shoreline Ornamental Iron has easily earned a minimum of fifteen.Tim B. C,, MI



Give Countertops, Shelves, Mantles, Outdoor Awnings, Arbors and Pergolas the Support they need with Decorative Metal Corbels. We offer Decorative Hand Forged Heavy Duty Wrought Iron Angle Brackets Strong enough to Support Granite.  Available in a Variety of Sizes, Styles and Finishes.

Adding or replacing shelves, mantles, counters and awnings is a great way to add function and style to your home and outdoor living areas. In order to install new granite or other countertop or shelf you have to provide support. Metal angle brackets, also known as corbels and corner braces, are the iron supports that keep the mantle, shelf, countertop or awning sturdy and secure. Metal angle brackets can be used for a variety of different home improvements both indoors and outdoors and come in a variety of decorative styles
Whether you are installing new wood, glass, laminate, granite or any other type of heavy duty countertop, shelving or mantle (indoors or outdoors), there is the right size and style metal corbels that will provide the support you need. Outdoors, wrought iron corbels are used for supporting the frames of arbors, awnings and pergolas. They can also be used to support outdoor countertops, kitchens and grilling spaces which have become extremely popular and add so much to outdoor living spaces.

Metal angle brackets provide support for heavy duty granite and other types of countertops, shelves, mantles, awnings and other indoor and outdoor structures. They are also decorative and become part of the decor of your home or outdoor living areas. Decorative wrought iron corbels can be used by themselves to create unique visual elements and decorative designs. Whether the metal angle bracket is being used as a support, decoration or both you want your corbels to be decorative and visually pleasing.

Not all angle brackets are the same. When deciding what kind of angle brackets to use for your
shelves, countertops, mantels, or other support needs it is important to make a good decision in order to have the best result for your project. There are many different types of metal support corbels to choose from. Wood corbels can be beautiful but require a lot of maintenance. They deteriorate over time particularly when used outdoors or in wet climates and are typically not strong enough to support anything other than small light weight shelves. Heavy duty granite countertops, mantles or surfaces with much weight may not be safely supported by non metal angle brackets.

Cheap metal angle brackets made from inferior metal such as cast iron will not last or provide the heavy duty support you need. Cast iron and flimsy mass produced wrought iron support braces found in most home improvement stores can weaken and break over time. Plus they are mass produced, boring and not very decorative. Decorative hand forged wrought iron corbels will not deteriorate and as long as you get the proper size brackets that provide the heavy duty support you need for granite or other types of countertops, shelves, mantles or other surfaces.  You have the opportunity to now create decorative ornamental accent elements.

At our wrought iron home decor store we offer several styles of the best hand forged metal corbels in a variety of decorative finishes. Our wrought iron angle brackets are of the highest quality and made to last. We use a heavy gauge iron on all our metal braces. Regardless of whether you are using granite or some other heavy duty stone for your countertops, mantle or shelf our wrought iron angle brackets will safely provide the support they need. We have a great range of sizes from extra small to full countertop metal corbels. Depending on what your shelf, mantel, granite countertop, awning or any other indoor or outdoor structure is, we have the best wrought iron corbel for your project.
Not only are our metal corbels made to last they are also very unique and extremely decorative. Each decorative wrought angle bracket is hand forged one at a time in our studio, not mass produced. When you buy metal corbels from us are getting a truly one of kind, unique and decorative heavy duty wrought iron angle bracket. If you have any questions about any of our hand forged metal angle brackets or their finishes please let us know and we will be
more than happy to assist you. Also, if you are not seeing the size you need let us know and we can custom create the perfect sized corbels for your needs.


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