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Quality Hand Crafted Wrought Iron Heavy Duty 9" Brackets

Large Decorative Wrought Iron Angle Brackets and Corbels for Heavy Duty Support of Granite, Shelving, Countertops and More-The Best in Quality and Craftsmanship at a reasonable price

Contemporary Coil-Large BracketContemporary Coil-Large Bracket
Dimensions: 14 1/4"D X 20 1/4"L
Iron Leaf Bracket-Hand ForgedIron Leaf Bracket-Hand Forged
Dimension: 18"D X 29"L
Large Decorative Metal CorbelLarge Decorative Metal Corbel
Dimension: 18"D X 28"L
Large Iron Bracket-Hand ForgedLarge Iron Bracket-Hand Forged
Dimensions: 18"D X 29"L
Large Iron Heavy Duty BracketLarge Iron Heavy Duty Bracket
Dimensions: 18"D X 27 1/2"L
Large Wrought Iron BracketLarge Wrought Iron Bracket
Dimensions: 14 1/2"D X 27 1/2"L
Straight Iron Bracket-Full CounterStraight Iron Bracket-Full Counter
Dimensions: 18"D X 27"L
Straight Iron Bracket-LargeStraight Iron Bracket-Large
Dimensions: 14 1/4"D X 20 1/4"L

Installing a large countertop, such as granite or other surfaces, you will need heavy duty support in the Angle Bracket and Corbel that you use under your granite shelf or countertop.  A Hand Forged Wrought Iron Angle Bracket and Corbel is ideal for the strength and overall performance you need to achieve that heavy duty angle support for your granite or shelf countertops.

Our Large Decorative Wrought Iron Angle Brackets are sized for a depth of 14” or more for a granite countertop, shelf or surface that requires a large heavy duty angle support bracket.  Metal Corbels and Brackets come in several materials including wood, cast iron, aluminum, and wrought iron.  Wrought Iron is a very strong material and, we feel, it is the best for supporting heavy surfaces.

We use 1 ½” to 2” iron strap bar that is ¼” thick.  This is heavy gauge metal bar that goes directly under you granite, countertop, shelf or the surface you are supporting and down the back wall.  With all of our large decorative brackets and metal corbels we use ¾” to 1” iron bar for the angle support section of the metal angle bracket, depending on what style/design of the metal corbel.

We feel to achieve a strong support and a decorative element you will find our iron brackets are perfect for the granite countertop, shelf or other surface support you need.  We have designed several metal corbel styles in order to give our customers choices in a design style that fits them and their bracket support need. At the same time we have worked hard to develop heavy duty metal angle brackets that carry the weight distribution with proper support in many available styles.
Right now granite is the surface of choice for most remodels and construction.  We have geared our heavy duty metal brackets for supporting granite countertops and heavy shelf surfaces.  Our Metal Corbels are also a great choice when you are looking for an ornamental and decorative design element for lightweight support as well.  You can transform a lightweight counter or shelf by adding a decorative iron angle bracket to give an ornamental decor element.

Metal Corbels and Angle Brackets, as you can see from this page, can be beautiful in appearance and function.  We have included old world rustic antique to modern contemporary styling.  Depending on which finish you choose, Iron Antique Patina, Bronze, Old Copper, Nickel/Steel, Blue-Green Patina or Black Matte, these finishes can take a modern/contemporary style to a rustic antique aged era. 
All of our metallic applied finishes are hand applied to give each decorative corbel to give it a unique and original look.

We also offer customer support for custom sizing.  We are able to adjust sizing on most of our large iron brackets and corbels for an additional small fee.  We are here to answer any question you may have regarding your concerns.

All of our Large Decorative Iron Angle Brackets are handmade and we know our customer understand and appreciate the time it takes to complete our orders and ship.  At the same time we try to work on short lead times and do our best to accommodate.

As always, we provide FREE SHIPPING on these Decorative Metal Corbels which makes the ordering process quick and easy.



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